Food delivery service DeliverBR debuts in Baton Rouge

Anita Tyner dreamt up DeliverBR while under the pressures of being a new mom.

“I recognized the need for a delivery service on those days I didn’t want to get out or I couldn’t get out,” she tells 225 Dine, adding that after joining a moms group she realized she wasn’t alone. “Many of us could use some help, but we’re terrible at asking for it.”

DeliverBR is a personalized delivery service, she says. Customers can order essentially anything they want and DeliverBR drivers will pick it up and deliver it to a specified drop off location. The only limitations are alcohol and tobacco products, lottery tickets and items weighing more than 50 pounds.

Tyner says she’s received a wide range of orders, but her most common requests are groceries and essentials so busy parents don’t have to worry about stopping at the store on the way home from work.

DeliverBR offers deliveries in other forms, too, Tyner says. Drivers will make trips for last-minute groceries needed at dinner time, over-the-counter medicines, school supplies and more. And DeliverBR can also “cater,” Tyner says. That is, drivers can pick up food and drinks for office meetings, cakes and appetizers for birthday parties or other celebrations, and even to-go orders at restaurants for family dinners.

One of the more anticipated services DeliverBR offers is fast-food delivery, Tyner says. DeliverBR drivers will pick up items from restaurants that don’t already offer a delivery service, like Taco Bell, Sonic or Starbucks.

Delivery charges are based on the distance from the pickup location to the delivery site. The total cost is the sum of the cost of items delivered, mileage cost and 15% of the subtotal of items delivered. DeliverBR will deliver to Ascension and Livingston parishes for an additional $7 charge.

DeliverBR is currently in a soft opening phase, with a target grand opening date of Dec. 1.

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