Dyke Nelson building his brand outside of Louisiana

    As a key player in several historic downtown and Mid City rehabilitation projects, architect and developer Dyke Nelson has become a well-known name in the Baton Rouge real estate community.

    Yet Nelson, as Business Report details, is also establishing his brand outside of Louisiana—through his architecture firm, DNA Workshop, as well as through Weinstein Development. He’s currently redeveloping aging buildings into mixed-use developments throughout the South and Midwest.

    Nelson is transforming Inman Mills, a 115-year-old former textile mill in South Carolina, into a mixed-use development that will have 159 apartments in its first phase.

    He’s also redeveloping the former Journal-Courier and Painters & Decorating Building in Lafayette, Indiana, into a mixed-use project with 55 apartments and commercial space.

    “It’s all deal based, like when we find a good opportunity,” Nelson says. “We do like being geographically diversified, though because if the economy gets bad in one place it doesn’t affect our other properties.”

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