Downtown charter school expanding this spring

    The Mentorship Academy, a charter school in downtown Baton Rouge, is expanding its physical campus to make room for a growing student population, says school CEO/CAO Robert M. Webb Jr.

    The school, which operates with a project-based STEM and art curriculum that emphasizes learning outside of the classroom, currently operates in a building on the corner of N. 4th and Florida streets and plans to move its classes for seniors to a previously unoccupied space located on the same block at 323 Florida St. The school has about 530 students.

    Webb says its important for his students to learn in downtown Baton Rouge because he wants them to see the different businesses and industries that operate in the area.

    “We want them to understand the business aspect of what the world entails and how they can proceed to be productive members of the community,” Webb says.

    Renovation of the new space is expected to last 60 to 90 days. Webb hopes the space, which is being leased for five years, will be ready by the end of the year.

    “I want this class, the class of 2019, to enter the building,” Webb says. “This (process) is something we’ve shared with them.”

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