Do people with ADHD make better entrepreneurs?  

    The negative traits associated with ADHD, like impulsivity, might be strengths for those launching new businesses, according to recently published research from Reginald L. Tucker, an assistant professor at LSU’s college of business.

    Tucker’s article on ADHD and entrepreneurship was recently published in the Journal of Business Venturing, according to an LSU announcement. His study tested a model that looked at how ADHD influences entrepreneurship through the trait of impulsivity, or the tendency to act on impulse rather than thought.

    “Findings demonstrate that entrepreneurship is indeed a unique area where negative traits, such as ADHD, may represent valuable assets,” Tucker says.

    The research findings imply that individuals with ADHD symptoms may do well when they can make their own jobs. The results also suggest people with ADHD symptoms and impulsivity tend to prefer action speed over action accuracy, which may be beneficial in the context of entrepreneurship.

    See Tucker’s full research findings here and read the full announcement from LSU here.

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