Crown bistro space inside The Royal Standard expanded to accommodate private parties

    The owners of The Royal Standard have expanded the space inside their Perkins Road store for The Crown: A Royal Bistro to include more than 4,000 square feet of event space for private parties.

    The Crown—which is operated by GoYaYa’s Crepes and opened in March with a limited menu of crepes, pastries and light lunch fare—has also diversified and expanded its menu, obtaining a liquor license so it can serve wine and beer.

    The whole idea behind the expansion is to give shoppers in the age of online retail an experience they cannot get on the internet, says owner Mark Peirce.

    “This is really catering to our customer base and giving them another reason to come shop with us and spend money with us,” Peirce says. “If you don’t give them something—an experience—then they’ll stay home and shop on Amazon.”

    The Crown’s expansion includes 2,500 square feet of indoor space in what was an on-site warehouse and 2,000 square feet for a covered patio and outdoor area. The space has proved particularly popular in the six weeks since it opened for events like bridal and baby showers, Pierce says. Some customers have come from as far away as New Orleans to host parties there.

    The Royal Standard’s Perkins Road store is its flagship location and one of five in the chain, which sells gifts, jewelry, home accessories and furniture. The store was damaged in the 2016 flood and for a time Peirce and his wife and co-owner, Krista, briefly considered closing it.

    They decided instead to renovate, expand and develop The Crowne with GoYaYa’s owner and chef Kevin Black.

    “We did the bistro first and the response was so overwhelming we decided to expand with the event space,” Peirce says.

    —Stephanie Riegel

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