Construction to begin on latest section of Harveston

    Developers John Fetzer and Mike Wampold have begun construction on what they’re calling part “3A” of The Preserve, the 95-acre first phase of their sprawling planned unit development Harveston.

    Some 74 new lots will be developed in this part, adding to the total 216 lots already developed in the first two parts of The Preserve. Of those 216 lots, 162 are sold, 110 households are occupied and 30 more will be in the next few months, Fetzer says. While there are still 54 lots available, Fetzer says it’s not too soon to start developing the newest section.

    “We’ve sold 30 already this year so if we continue at this pace, we’re going to need these lots,” he says. “Besides, it will take us all year to finish (developing the 74 lots) so by the time we get to the end of the year we’ll be ready for them.”

    Homes in 3A will be similar to those in parts 1 and 2, both in size and price. Homes will range from between 2,300 and 3,000 square feet, and will average around $400,000. All the homes in The Preserve are constructed by a group of four approved builders.

    Harveston is a 1,500-acre planned unit development of residential lots, nature trails and a clubhouse straddling the Burbank Extension on Nicholson Drive. Construction on The Preserve began in early 2013, and home sales have been brisk. Though the community has attracted young families, Fetzer says retiring baby boomers are also moving in.

    “It’s a good mix,” he says. “They all seem to be enjoying the wellness, fitness aspect of the development.”

    Future plans include completing The Preserve with a part 3B, developing a commercial area with office and retail space, and developing an adjacent community, the Lakes at Harveston on a noncontiguous, 300-acre tract that backs up to University Club.

    —Stephanie Riegel

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