City Hall Plaza construction expected to be complete in two weeks

    The renovation of City Hall Plaza will be completed in about two weeks, while the north facing side of Galvez Stage will be open this weekend for the Baton Rouge Blues Festival.

    Those working on the project have to smoothe some ADA issues and lay the grass on the site before it’s finished, says Davis Rhorer, executive director of the Downtown Development. “It’s going to be stunning.”

    The plaza overhaul is the third component of the downtown Central Green, a unified system of green spaces near the City Hall complex, that includes the Old State Capitol, North Boulevard Town Square and the Mississippi River levee. Central Green comes out of downtown’s latest master plan, Plan Baton Rouge II.

    The $4.9 million renovation, with the cost covered through state sales tax rebate funds, connects North Boulevard Town Square to Repentance Park, covers a City Hall parking area with a new dance floor and green space and lights The Crest sculpture. It also allows the Galvez Stage to be used from both the north and south sides.

    A ribbon cutting for the finished plaza will be held near the end of the month, according to Rhorer.

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