Mangham bringing Silver Spoon concept to White Star Market

    Eight years after selling his popular Silver Spoon restaurant, Chef Michael Mangham is recreating the menu and concept with Another Silver Spoon inside the White Star Market on Government Street.

    “Baton Rouge is ready for this,” Mangham says.

    The menu for Another Silver Spoon will be a breakfast buffet in the morning, then a daily special, soups, salads and sandwiches for lunch and dinner. Mangham says the recipes will be slightly evolved from what they were when he sold the restaurant on Jefferson Highway to the Juban family.

    One change will be the fresh sourdough bread that Mangham will bake daily for the club sandwich.

    “If I (Silver Spoon) would still be open today, this is where I would have taken my restaurant, the products,” he says.

    After selling the restaurant—which was eventually rebranded as Beausoleil Restaurant and Bar—and agreeing to a four-year noncompete clause, Mangham worked as an executive steward on offshore oil rigs. But since the noncompete expired, many people have approached him about opening a Silver Spoon-like restaurant. But he never felt like the time or situation was right until White Star Market came along.

    Clark Gaines, owner of White Star Market, says in a news release that Mangham emailed him with the words, “the spoon is back.”

    “I knew exactly what he meant,” Gaines says in a news release.

    “Having Michael at White Star is particularly special,” Gaines adds, “because he is re- interpreting a new version of a concept that was so popular with Baton Rouge diners for many, many years.”

    Mangham is the fourth chef to join the gourmet food hall set in the Square 46 development, following Jesse Romero, Jay Ducote and the Jolie Pearl team.

    —Ryan Broussard

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