Chatterkick opens in Baton Rouge a year after local acquisition

Baton Rouge-based The Powell Group has acquired Chatterkick, a Midwestern social media and marketing firm with a national client base, and expanded the agency into the local market.

“We invested in this firm because I was afraid the digital revolution was going to pass us by,” says Nanette Noland, owner and CEO of The Powell Group. “So we looked around and decided this was the firm we wanted to buy and I’m excited about it because they know what they are doing.”

Chatterkick was founded three years ago and is based in Sioux City, Iowa, where The Powell Group owns six radio stations. The firm specializes in social media management, digital recruitment, medical reputation management and digital advertising campaigns.

While a growing number of Baton Rouge firms also offer social media and marketing services, Powell says the market is underserved and needs a strong firm with expertise in the sector.

Though the acquisition actually took place early last year, Noland says only recently has Chatterkick established its local presence and opened its doors for business in Baton Rouge. The firm’s local office currently has four employees, but she hopes to expand to seven or eight in the coming months.

“We wanted to make sure when we opened the doors they knew what they were doing,” she says.

Chatterkick was founded in 2013 by Sioux City native Beth Trejo, who handled national media relations for The American Red Cross before forming her own firm. The company’s headquarters will remain in Iowa.

The Powell Group is a diversified holding company with more than a dozen subsidiaries in agriculture, land management, real estate and communications.

—Stephanie Riegel

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