Change in Baton Rouge is happening too slowly: CityStats

East Baton Rouge residents are increasingly growing impatient with the pace of progress in the city and parish, according to a tease of the 2017 CityStats report included in the latest Baton Rouge Area Foundation newsletter.

A record 65% of surveyed respondents across the parish said the pace of progress in Baton Rouge is too slow, up from 59% last year.  BRAF didn’t provide additional details about the soon-to-be-released report, other than a growing disconnect between residents and their elected officials.

“Nearly as many—63%—said they had little or no influence over their elected officials,” BRAF notes. “The grumbling is deep and wide, crossing all areas of the parish and demographic groups,”

The annual CityStats survey tracks quality of life issues in East Baton Rouge Parish and acts a roadmap for community improvement. The latest survey was conducted in the late spring.

Impatience about the pace of progress in the parish has grown among Baton Rouge since 2014, when 53% resident expressed dissatisfaction. BRAF said the full report will be released in a few weeks.

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