Chalk artist and painter fills Dead Poet bar with life

    Looking down on patrons at Dead Poet: Beer, Cocktails and Music is Tupac Shakur wearing Shakespearean ruffles and Freddie Mercury singing into a skull like Hamlet.

    As InRegister details in a new feature, artist Ellen Ogden worked with Dead Poet’s owners Remi de Matteo, Rusty White and Chuck Brechtel, to help the concert-focused bar live up to its name. Amy Winehouse, Biggie Smalls and Mac Miller are there too, along with several other poets.

    “I wanted to blow up some positivity, to pull the vibrancy of their lives out of the tragedies,” Ogden says. “I want everything I create to feel like it has intention and purpose behind it. It’s hard to do that with a famous face.”

    De Matteo says he appreciates Ogden’s work precisely because it resonates “on a deeper level.”

    Though Ogden’s back catalog most often intersects traditional folk whimsy and soul-soothing impressionistic landscapes, she spent last year trying new pursuits like the bar’s murals.  Ogden’s art is regularly on display at White Star Market, Red Stick Spice Company, Jolie Pearl, The Royal Standard, Radio Bar and Pilates Plus, among others. Read the full story.


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