Cannatella Grocery coming to Mid City

    A popular Acadiana specialty grocery store is coming to Baton Rouge as its owners plan to open on Government Street next to Rocca Pizzeria.
    Cannatella Grocery, co-owned by brothers Grant and Brian Cannatella and their wives, has been around since 1923, when their Italian immigrant great-grandfather opened the original meat market, hardware store and lumber yard in Melville, a small town in St. Landry Parish.
    Known for its muffuletta, the grocery store has attracted visitors from throughout Acadiana over the years. The Baton Rouge location will not have an attached hardware store or lumber yard, however.
    The Cannatellas had been eyeing a Baton Rouge location for the past couple years before signing the lease on Wednesday, citing Melville’s dwindling population.
    “I think it’s a good fit for Baton Rouge, but even more for the Mid City area,” Grant Cannatella says. “There are a lot of millennials out there looking for quick meal solutions who can stop in after work—we’ll be open till 7 p.m.”
    Meat production will continue mostly taking place at the Melville location, he says. Within the 2,000-square-foot Government Street building, the grocery store will offer specialty meats like boudin and Italian sausage, along with Italian imports like olive oil, pastas and wines, and cheeses, as well as grab-and-go sandwiches, like its signature muffulettas.
    The building will also undergo a series of renovations, which include adding awnings, updating lighting fixtures and changing the building’s facade while keeping its architectural elements.
    The specialty grocery, the latest addition to the growing Mid City area, is slated to open by the end of the year. As of now, the business does not plan to expand elsewhere.

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