‘Business Report’ Publisher: Taxpayers understandably angry at government waste

    Making ends meet can be extremely stressful for families, so it’s understandable why people get angry when politicians talk about needing more money and then see the government waste their tax dollars, says Business Report Publisher Rolfe McCollister in his latest column.

    “It is infuriating—and probably the reason so many tax proposals fail,” McCollister writes. “Just last week I saw a story that says it costs 1.5 cents to make a penny. Amazing. Only in government would anyone accept this or even survive losing money year after year. The government mentality is, ‘It’s not my money I am spending.’ But it is. It’s our money.”

    But this isn’t an isolated incident, McCollister says.

    “Right here in Baton Rouge we have the Federal Emergency Management Agency mobile homes being set up,” he writes. “It will cost from $129,200 to $170,000 per trailer, depending on where they’re placed. INSANE. People could buy a home for that.”

    McCollister acknowledges that government is necessary to provide critical services, and that requires tax revenue. But eliminating some expenses or positions no longer needed could fund the needs elsewhere, he says.

    “Of course, that’s hard work,” he writes. “Your family has to live within its means, adjust and find ways to make ends meet. Taxpayers would say government should not be exempt from that reality. But as the examples above show, government is not accountable or an efficient provider, and it has little incentive to innovate or save—it just asks for more of your money.”

    Also in his latest column, McCollister notes the rising optimism most Americans seem to be feeling about Donald Trump’s pending presidency—despite what pundits and the “mainstream media” say about the country’s mood.

    McCollister points to recent headlines such as: “Trump election pushes US small business owner optimism to eight-year high”; “Trump victory shoots consumer confidence to 15-year high”; “Stock market’s velocity after Trump has Wall Street talking Dow 20,000.”

    “This just goes to show (again) that the ‘mainstream media,’ Washington establishment and Hollywood were—and still are—completely out of touch with most of America (outside California) and its anger and desire for ‘real change,’ not the Obama kind of change,” he writes. “As for what will happen in the days and months following Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20, no one knows yet. But based on the facts noted in the headlines above, you shouldn’t expect more of the same that you’ve seen over the past eight years.”

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