‘Business Report’ profiles seven former LSU athletes who have parlayed their performances into business success

If LSU is the heart of Baton Rouge on a Louisiana Saturday night, the blood running through the city’s veins is sports.

Tiger fans have a long legacy of taking pride in their players—even taking ownership of athletes’ accomplishments as if each play was executed as one collective team.

Those with the skill and dedication to make it as a collegiate athlete gain entrance into a fraternal order whose bond is not delineated by the sport that one played, but instead transcends across all forms of athletics. That bond is perhaps the most valuable takeaway for student-athletes as they step out of the limelight of LSU fandom and into the real world.

But with only about 2% of all college athletes making it to the big leagues, most graduate just like the rest of us: with a degree and want of a career.

In its new cover package, Business Report profiles seven former Tiger athletes who benefited early on from the area’s habitual exaltation of its college players and have found success in business.

When asked to look back on their time in collegiate sports, the prized takeaway from LSU for most is not the points scored or plays made. Instead they remember the hard lessons learned in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles and the character traits forged in the locker rooms, dugouts, benches and sidelines.

These life experiences inform their professional careers and business practices as well as their everyday lives. Teamwork, sweat equity, leadership, conflict resolution, determination, work ethic: All are essential when taking care of business both on and off the court.

Read the profiles—which include Tommy Hodson, Tyrus Thomas, Steven and Jan Ripple, Pete Bush, and Pat and Cecilia Cuntz—and see a partial listing of additional athletes in business, in politics or still competing as pros.

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