BRAC’s annual education report card: Steady as she goes

    Schools in the nine-parish Capital Region retained relatively steady performance scores in the wake of the August 2016 flooding that affected many of the schools and students in the area last school year, according to an education report card released today by the Baton Rouge Area Chamber.

    This year’s report examines a broad array of information for parish, city and community schools for the 2016-2017 school year. Along with district performance scores, the report also examines how much money school districts received and spent per student as well as regional enrollment.

    On average, the region’s district performance scores remained relatively steady at 87.4 out of 150 possible points—a B-rating—surpassing the state’s score of 86.8.

    Five of the 13 Capital Region’s school districts improved their district performance score, and four districts were ranked among the top five in the state.

    Pointe Coupee schools experienced the highest growth, seeing its district score increase 18.6%, raising its letter grade to a C from a D. Baker’s score fell 14% to a 56.5 from its 2016 score of 65.7, though it remained as a D-rated system.

    Although Zachary’s district score dropped .5% from the previous year, at 115.6 it continues as the state’s best-performing district.

    Despite a consistent decline in student enrollment in East Baton Rouge public schools over the past decade, BRAC notes regional enrollment has grown 3%.

    Because of the 2016 flood, a variety of performance reporting waivers were granted to the Ascension, Baker, Central, Livingston and East Baton Rouge school districts. At the end of the report, BRAC says it’s their hope next year’s school accountability data will reflect an improved and fully recovered Capital Region.

    The report is designed to be a tool for parents, policymakers and business people as they make decisions about public education, says BRAC President and CEO Adam Knapp.

    Read the full report.

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