Believe it or not, average Baton Rouge work commute time in line with most US metros

    Baton Rouge commuters could watch a sitcom episode on Netflix in the time it takes to get to work.

    The average Baton Rougean who drives to work spends 26.5 minutes on the road every day, and for the few who use public transportation, it takes just under 40 minutes, according to an analysis of the latest Census Bureau data by Governing magazine.  

    Only about 3,870 people—just 1% of all commuters—use public transportation to get to work in the Baton Rouge area.  

    Though the Governing analysis shows Capital Region commuters spend roughly the same amount of time getting to and from work as those in most U.S. metro areas, cities like Chicago and New York have much higher use of public transportation.

    In New Orleans, about 16,000 people, or 3% of commuters, use public transportation and spend an average of  43 minutes commuting to work. Crescent City drivers get to work just a little faster than Baton Rouge motorists, arriving in about 25 minutes.  

    Americans who drive alone to work spend an average of about 25 minutes on the road, and in most metro areas the time it takes on a bus or train is nearly double. People who walk to work actually average the shortest commutes, at 12 minutes.

    The Census Bureau reports data on commutes for workers age 16 and over. Commuters are classified in a single category, and commute times reflect total time spent traveling, not distance.  

    See the full report.

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