Baton Rouge Water Company No. 5 in South for customer satisfaction

    The Baton Rouge Water Company came in fifth in the region in J.D. Power’s 2019 Water Utility Residential Satisfaction Study, according to a news release.

    Baton Rouge is ranked behind two Georgia and two Florida providers, and tied with two other water providers, but beat all of the Texas or Oklahoma water utilities ranked.

    Baton Rouge also finished in a three-way-tie for top in the country in water quality, with few complaints about taste or smell, and first in the country for percentage of customers that would recommend the water company to others.

    This is the fourth year J.D. Power has published the study, which measures satisfaction in 88 water utilities that serve 400,000 people or more and then ranks them within four regions.

    J.D. Power takes data from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Consumer Confidence reports to compile a list of where people are happiest with their tap water.

    According to the EPA’s data, almost one-third of people have complaints about their water utilities ranging from bad taste and smell to water pressure issues, though strong communication from utility companies had a big impact on customer satisfaction. See the release.  

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