Baton Rouge toy company sponsors animal adoption project 

    Will Barrios, the founder of Baton Rouge-based toy company Tatro, is using its business to help Companion Animal Alliance. 

    This week, Barrios is launching the Express Yourself Project: Help Animals in Need

    Partnering with Companion Animal Alliance Baton Rouge through February, the project aims to pair animals who have been in the shelter for an extended time—with a forever home. 

    Barrios says he’s hoping to tie Tatro’s mission of expression and creativity into a global message of “finding your voice and giving a voice to the underrepresented” at a time when so many people are searching for authenticity. 

    He hopes to continue the Express Yourself Project by partnering with other organizations in the Baton Rouge community. 

    Tatro is covering the adoption fees for the first five adoptions through the project and will match those fees in donations to animal rescue efforts during Australia’sbushfires. 

    CAABR is holding an outdoor adoption and art event at White Star Market on Feb. 1.

    “These animals are often overlooked for various reasons. Some may require extra care but the bond they create with their forever home will be incredibly strong,” the CAABR says in a news release. 

    Tatro creates magnetic playsets designed with movable scenes and characters to encourage creativity and imagination. The company was founded on the childhood dream of Barrios who created the first set at 10-years-old and still holds true to that idea today. 

    “The entire toy brand is about expression and finding the space to just be you,” Barrios says. “The most amazing thing about it is the playset by itself is just a magnetic blank box. The joy is that you can create anything you want in any way.”

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