Baton Rouge real estate firm to get close-up on Larry King’s ‘In View’

    Baton Rouge-based Ruston Properties has just finished filming of an episode for In View with Larry King, which will provide viewers a close-up look at investment and real estate in Louisiana.

    “They are doing some in-depth interviews with businesses in Louisiana. We are the only construction or development company that has been interviewed,” says Michelle Ruston, managing broker for the real estate brokerage and contracting firm.

    In View is hosted by 81-year-old award-winning broadcaster Larry King. The show profiles thriving businesses and professionals working in growing industries. In the last two years the show has featured breweries, medical practices, community banks, private athletic facilities and schools, among other businesses. The show is produced by The Profiles Series production company, which distributes TV shows to cable networks internationally.

    Ruston Properties was selected by the show’s producers because it was listed among Louisiana’s top 100 companies by Inc. magazine in 2014; it rated well for its recent growth and high revenues. The episode is expected to air in August or September on Fox Business Network, Ruston says.

    The company employs 10 real estate brokers and operates in the Baton Rouge area, as well as in Lafayette and New Orleans.

    Ruston says the goal of the segment is to give perspective on real estate and show how to better invest money.

    “Real estate is often the largest investment we as Americans make,” Ruston says. “I think they wanted to get perspective on real estate in general. And it’s important people see it as an investment both as consumers and investors and have a better understanding of potential equity.”

    —Deanna Narveson

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