Baton Rouge mortgage delinquencies down in August

    The overall share of Baton Rouge homeowners who were late paying their mortgages declined in August, according to CoreLogic’s monthly Loan Performance Insights Report.

    The percentage of delinquent homeowners fell to 7.8%, compared to 9.2% a year earlier, a decrease of 1.4 percentage points. CoreLogic measures mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures to analyze the health of the mortgage market.

    Though delinquencies in Baton Rouge are down year-over-year, CoreLogic says the percentage of homeowners with mortgages that are 90 days or more past due increased in August to 3.4%, up from 3.1% for the same month in 2016. The foreclosure rate also grew to 0.9% compared with 0.8% one year earlier.

    Statewide, the share of delinquent mortgage holders was 7.8%, down from 8.5% a year earlier. Nationally, about 4.6% of mortgages were in some stage of delinquency, compared to 5.6% a year earlier.

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