Baton Rouge highlighted as one of South’s five underrated food destinations by ‘USA Today’

    From Cocha to Chicken Shack, Baton Rouge’s food scene is getting high praise in a new USA Today article that names the Capital City as one of the South’s five underrated culinary destinations.

    “The South has a defined cuisine that has put it on the food map in recent years largely thanks to cities like Charleston and New Orleans hogging the spotlight,” writes Devorah Lev-Tov, a contributor for USA Today. “We’re not denying that those cities have excellent food, but smaller locales like Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s capital, and Lexington, Louisville’s oft-overlooked Kentucky neighbor, have food scenes that can compete with the South’s—and the country’s—best.”

    Lev-Tov notes Baton Rouge is “ground zero” for excellent Cajun and Creole food, but also highlights the city’s pop-up scene and new spots like Cocha downtown and Kalurah Street Grill under the Perkins Road overpass.

    Local culinary star Jay Ducote, who is planning to open Gov’t Taco in White Star Market later this year, tells Lev-Tov that “Baton Rouge is really like a gumbo pot of all Louisiana cultures in one place.” He adds that Baton Rouge is finding itself, thanks to “a crop of young chefs and adventurous culinarians who are pushing our food scene forward and using all of our various resources and influences to create a food scene that we can call our own.”

    Read the full story and see a gallery of Baton Rouge’s “unsung food destinations.”

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