Baton Rouge company dominates south Louisiana commercial drone market

When Danny Landry bought his first drone about five years ago, he was little more than a hobbyist interested in the new technology.

But it didn’t take long for Landry and other early adopters like him to imagine the incredible commercial potential for unmanned aerial vehicles, Business Report details in its new Entrepreneur feature.

Landry envisioned using drones in the large industrial plants along the Interstate 10/12 corridor. And when that vision could, legally, become a reality, he was ready.

“The aha moment was that I saw an opportunity,” he tells Business Report. “It was before all the projections that this industry would be huge.”

Today, the hobbyist turned entrepreneur is dominating the commercial industrial drone market in south Louisiana.

As the co-founder of LandBros Aerial—along with his brother, Kevin Landry, and Robert Shirley—he and his team of six operate unmanned aircraft systems for some of the largest oil and gas firms, industrial contractors and utility companies in the region.

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