Baton Rouge-based Cellcontrol looks to further growth with TransUnion partnership

    Cellcontrol, a Baton Rouge-based company providing distracted driving products and solutions, is hoping a new partnership with Chicago-based TransUnion will further the company’s growth and improve its products.

    TransUnion is primarily known for being the third-largest credit bureau in the United States, providing credit reports to more consumers alongside major competitors Equifax and Experian. But the credit information and information management services firm also counts among its clients more than 45,000 businesses, including some major insurance companies, and that’s where its interest in Cellcontrol lies.

    “They do things with data that you couldn’t imagine,” says Cellcontrol CEO Rob Guba. “They have data teams that can help provide insight to insurance companies on driving habits that can be used to help set premiums and assess risk. We’ve built a set of tools that can collect additional data that can help you be a better driver, and that data can be shared with an insurance company, for example.”

    Under the new partnership, Cellcontrol will provide TransUnion with data on driver habits and distracted driving that ultimately can help TransUnion’s clients in the insurance industry. For Cellcontrol, Guba says, the partnership will help the company move into a new marketplace.

    “This relationship is going to get our product into a specific marketplace that they have served for many years,” he says.

    Guba has just returned from Chicago, where he and TransUnion executives officially announced the new partnership at the TransUnion Insurance Summit, a two-day gathering of more than 100 insurance executives from across the country.

    After entering the market in early 2009, Cellcontrol primarily concentrated on developing its product and building a client base. It focused on commercial clients initially, Guba says, and is now fixated more on the consumer sector.

    “We’ve been a dominant force in the commercial marketplace, with a number of very large customers that have fleets of several thousand vehicles. It’s been a great marketplace for us, and we’ve seen significant growth there,” he says. “It’s only been in the past year and a half that we’ve really focused on the consumer marketplace, and we’re seeing incredible growth in that segment. It’s growing much quicker than we imagined.”

    —Steve Sanoski

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