Another day, another hot sauce

    LSU graduate Scott Bellina is the latest Louisiana native to launch a hot sauce brand this week.

    However, this sauce is steeped in Bellina’s family history. His grandfather and great uncle helped bring Crystal hot sauce into its modern empirical reign. 

    Now living in New York City, the New Orleans born Bellina founded a branding and design agency before creating his new hot sauce company, Bayou Gotham Hot Sauce. Bellina says the brand showcases his “Deep passion for Creole cooking, the global flavors of New York City, and my Louisiana hot sauce legacy.” 

    “My journey through handcrafting hot sauce is rooted in a genuine and unquenchable craving for spicy food, and how it can be presented to others. I’ve been very lucky to have lived in two vibrant cities, known for their mashups of cultures and cuisines,” Bellina says in a news release. 

    Bellina graduated from LSU in the ‘90s with a degree in graphic design and marketing, right in the middle of the dot-com bubble. He spent the following years as an art director, creative director at an international web design agency, and then founded his own agency, BCBD, in 2009. Read more about Bellina’s career from an LSU announcement here.

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