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Alford: They said it (legislative edition)

“I’m going to have a drinking problem after this session.”

“A dysfunctional family is still a family. That’s what we are.”

“How can we ask Medicaid recipients to work when we won’t go to work?” Those are just some of the memorable one-liners made by Louisiana lawmakers during this year’s marathon run of regular and special sessions. Those quips came from Rep. James Armes, D-Leesville, Sen. Ryan

Gatti, R-Bossier City, and Rep. Sam Jones, D-Franklin, respectively. But there were plenty more, as Jeremy Alford notes in his new “They said it (legislative edition)” column.

“These quotes—lifted from the lips of elected officials, unelected officials and official politicos—are oftentimes humorous, sometimes eyebrow-raising and always uniquely Louisiana,” he writes.

The sheer length of this year’s sessions made for even more memorable quotes, Alford notes. The Legislature convened in Baton Rouge for five consecutive months this calendar year, from Feb. 19 to June 24. There were only brief breaks taken between each session, amounting to 29 policymaking-free days, Alford says.

“For its part, the Edwards administration offered up some pointed words,” Alford writes. “‘Losing to Alabama in the classroom should feel just as painful as losing to them on the football field,’ Gov. John Bel Edwards told lawmakers in his session-opening speech.”

Read the full column for more of what happened when Louisiana lawmakers opened their mouths this year.

Jeremy Alford publishes LaPolitics Weekly, a newsletter on Louisiana politics, at Follow him on Twitter, or on Facebook. He can be reached at

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