Alford: A final look at the 2018 run-off

    In his latest column, Jeremy Alford gives a rundown for what to expect heading into the Dec. 8 runoff elections.

    “If you’re in a parish with law enforcement-related races pending, you may want to pay particular attention to the party affiliations of those candidates,” Alford writes.

    There could be a notable trend building. For example, Alford points to the primary race for sheriff in St. Mary Parish, in which three of the top four finishers held no party affiliations, including one of the runoff contenders.

    The second round pits Scott Anslum (no party, 34%) against Blaise W. Smith (Democrat, 23%). In the state’s other 2018 race for sheriff in DeSoto Parish, Jayson Richardson (no party, 62%) beat out Gary Hobbs (Independent, 38%).
    These races don’t exactly make for a trend, Alford acknowledges, but local officials do seem to be dropping party labels at an accelerated rate.

    The only statewide race of the year is also the marquee race of the runoff cycle. Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin, a Republican, is trying to keep hold of his job against a challenge from Democrat, “Gwen” Collins-Greenup.

    In eight parishes, this matchup for secretary of state is the only race on the ballot. Another nine parishes have the SOS election on their ballots as well, alongside a limited number of propositions.   

    Read the full column for a complete look at the Dec. 8 election.

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