Adults upset they didn’t get an ‘I Voted’ sticker

    Lots of voters in Louisiana did not get the “I Voted” stickers, often shared in social media photos, on Election Day.

    After complaints showed up on social media, the secretary of state’s office said local clerks of court were responsible for providing them. But the Baton Rouge clerk of court’s office said the secretary of state’s office was supposed to provide them.

    The secretary of state’s office said in a Twitter message that “budgetary constraints” prevented the office from providing the stickers for Tuesday’s voting.
    Louisiana’s 2016 “I Voted” stickers were an internet sensation, as they featured a George Rodrique blue dog and started selling on sites like eBay.

    Some voters in Lafayette did receive the more traditional “I Voted” stickers, but many early voters did not. Other than the stickers, no significant problems have been reported as voters cast their ballots.

    The secretary of state’s office reported only one polling location was affected because of the severe weather that moved across the state. The report says power was only out for about 15 minutes and the voting machines were not affected because of battery backups.

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