‘225’: Meet Baton Rouge’s top-ranked Uber drivers

    Many self-starters signed on to make extra money as Uber drivers when the ride-sharing service launched in Baton Rouge in 2014. Since that time, two baby boomers have risen to the top to become the Capital City’s highest-ranked drivers, 225 reports.

    Jacqueline Wright and Victor Silvio—both 60—each offer passengers a safe ride in a clean vehicle and extras like free mints and water.

    Wright, who shuttles passengers in her Toyota Venza, works at a law firm as a litigation assistant on mesothelioma cases by day. At night, she shuttles couples on dates or friends eager to have some fun.

    “I like to say I’m the perfect person to take you there,” Wright tells 225, adding that she prefers the early evening shift.

    Driving for Uber has been a therapeutic diversion from her office job and a good way to make extra money, says Wright, who’s driven at Uber’s X-level, the company’s basic level of service, since 2014.

    “The more I did it, the more I liked it,” Wright says. “My family thought I was crazy. They thought it was dangerous, but I have not had any scary moments. The GPS and cell phone connection makes me feel safe. You know who you’re picking up, and they know who you are.”

    Silvio worked nearly 20 years in the local fast food business before signing on with Uber. He says he liked driving for Uber so much that he quit his job in fast food management and now drives four nights a week, clocking 40-50 hours.

    “The later it gets, the better it gets,” Silvio says. “That’s when the characters start coming out.”

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