The Shobe Financial Group: New partnership ensures a secure future for clients

In 1983, Edward Shobe planned to create a company to help people pursue their financial goals through trusting, long-term relationships. What set his company apart was his focus on taking care of people rather than finances. His vision became the solid foundation of The Shobe Financial Group, which has provided clients with comprehensive financial planning and guidance for 40 years.

As founder and chairman, Shobe is proud of the legacy he has created. “It’s part of our culture to support each other and our clients’ best interests as if they were our own family. It’s been that way from the very beginning.”


Top executives: Edward Shobe, Chairman, Partner & Certified Financial Planner™; Jason Windham, President, Partner & Certified Financial Planner™

Phone: 225.763.7010

Address: 8280 YMCA Plaza Dr., Building 4, Baton Rouge, LA 70810


Financial planning needs differ from person to person, depending on their current situation, lifestyle, income, and long-term goals. Shobe Financial’s seven Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) professionals and experienced admin team have encountered just about any scenario you can imagine. 

For instance, some clients’ priorities revolve around their growing families, including buying a home, paying for their children’s education and building a legacy to pass on to them one day. Others are focused on retirement and seek advice on saving or investment plans. Still others may be business owners who need strategies to manage taxes and liability exposure while maximizing their profits or planning to sell.

(From left) Edward Shobe, Founder & Chairman, and Jason Windham, President

Potential clients start with a personal consultation that allows both parties to see if they are a good fit. That includes an inventory of the client’s life goals, present financial position and current financial plan, if one is in place. If Shobe Financial and the client are a “match,” the planning might include tax and estate planning strategies, a saving and investment plan, even help in preparing to buy or sell a business. 

Shobe Financial’s advisors can provide coaching in such cases, but Jason Windham, President, is quick to add that our goal is not to be the budget police and while we may make recommendations, we don’t make judgments. “We are in a partnership with our clients,” he says, “and the client’s decisions are their own. We share our knowledge with them and map out a likely scenario if they go this way or that. But they always have the power to make their own choices.”

And as everyone knows … even the best laid plans can go awry. Major life changes often emerge unannounced—health issues, divorce, loss of a job, or death of a spouse. Windham likens it to a journey on the water. 

“You can look far into the distance at the place you want to go and start heading in that direction. But things happen,” he says. “Storms come up, problems arise … and you have to make course corrections. It’s the same with financial journeys. It takes a lot of effort to stay the course because change is just a part of life.”

“One of our unique traits,” says Shobe, “is that we want to help our clients, not sell them something. Many of our clients have been with us for decades and that’s because they trust us to help them make smart decisions that allow them to pursue their financial goals.”

As for the future of the company, The Shobe Financial Group has been quietly making plans for the past two years to merge with Carson Wealth of Omaha, NE. The firm announced the news on March 13. Carson Wealth, also a 40-year-old independent advisory firm, is focused on building strong relationships with clients. The merger was a big decision but also an easy fit. 

“They share our culture,” says Shobe. “We both bring certain strengths to the table, which will allow us to enhance all of our services for our clients.”

“I could not feel any more excited about getting to work with the Shobe Financial team,” says Jamie Hopkins, Managing Partner of Wealth Solutions at Carson Wealth. “Ed and Jason have built such an amazing culture. Both Shobe Financial and Carson Wealth put clients first and lead with planning. Perhaps no one in the country does that better than the Shobe Financial team. I’m excited about the impact we can have on our clients’ lives together. This is all about bringing together amazing people and delivering a best-in-class offering to our communities.”

High-tech and high-touch will come together as a result of the merger. 

“Carson Wealth has many resources including attorneys, CPAs, and CFP professionals, plus a great technology offering,” Hopkins says.  I’m excited to learn from the Shobe team how they have integrated financial planning for their clients as they offer such high-touch service. It has made them extremely trusted and respected professionals. Our partnership will allow us both to continue to serve clients in a robust manner with a client-centric financial planning offering.”


In 1983, having been in the financial services industry for almost 20 years—and recognizing most people invested little time in creating a plan for managing their personal finances—it was my goal to build a business to help people pursue their life goals with proactive planning and management. 

I also hoped to build a team of professionals who shared this goal. I am truly amazed by our team, and I feel great about the lives we’ve changed for the better through the high-trust relationships we’ve built with our clients. We have helped many people pursue their life goals, and there is no better feeling. 

As we enter our 41st year in business, we are partnering with Carson Wealth to ensure our clients and our team are always cared for. This partnership is our succession plan and provides our clients and our team members with the security of knowing we will be here for the next 100 years! 

EDWARD SHOBE, Founder & Chairman