Workplace appreciation yields better work-life balance

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Achieving a thriving career and being fully engaged at home is well within reach for women in workplaces where their voices are heard and contributions are valued, and they are appreciated.  Striking the balance between career and home life presents daily challenges, but when women feel valued in the workplace and are given due respect, the balance is considerably more manageable.

You can tell a lot about a company by listening to how women feel about working there – happy women can indicate that the business maintains an even playing field for all of its employees.  It’s also worth noting that a healthier workplace for women doesn’t come at the expense of their colleagues.  The most prominent surveys varied little between women and men, with strong majorities of both agreeing that they enjoy friendly, welcoming organizations that contribute to the communities and inspire pride.

Kean Miller LLP has created a workplace culture that puts people first, with a focus on a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  To find what it’s like where the grass is greener, we checked in with Linda Perez Clark, managing partner at Kean Miller.  Linda has been with Kean Miller for nearly 20 years, and is the firm’s first female managing partner.

“Having it “all” means different things to different people.  Determine what you want out of your career, and how you want to balance that with other aspects of your life.  Then pursue a career tailor-made to what works for you, not what others in the industry, your colleagues, friends or family think you should  pursue—that’s real power.  The trifecta is a workplace that achieves that objective with you, resulting in a highly-fulfilled balance between personal, career and family goals.”

Kean Miller Workforce Stats

Total Attorneys: 161 | Female Attorneys: 59
Total Partners: 90 | Female Partners: 25


—Linda Perez Clark
Managing Partner, Kean Miller LLP

WHERE THE GRASS IS GREENER: Indicators of a balanced workplace

—Mutual respect between partners, employees and clients
—Meaningful collaboration on all levels
—An overarching commitment to serve the community
—Selfless leadership
—Charitable community outreach, fostering “give and grow” values
—A culture that encourages employees to balance family and work

It’s important for women to know that their ideas are valued, respected, and implemented.  This sort of work environment yields more productivity and a higher level of job satisfaction.