[Sponsored] She’s the boss: Local women taking the reins to their success

Sponsored by LSU Flores MBA Program

Now more than ever, entrepreneurial women have the opportunity and the skills to lead in a world that often feels balanced against them. It’s not enough to just be passionate and determined to succeed. Finding an MBA program that delivers experience with its curriculum can play a major factor in your success.

An MBA is indispensable—giving graduates confidence and tangible tools to understand finance, accounting, and other core topics. The LSU Flores MBA program prepares students to succeed as well-rounded leaders. With a stronger grasp of finance from the MBA core, graduates gain valuable insight on building a more sustainable financial structure for a company. For more information about LSU’s Flores MBA, visit lsu.edu/business/mba.

Sarah Gardner and Gaylynne Mack completed the LSU Flores MBA program and are now investing what they learned in the Baton Rouge community. They share with us how their MBA degree impacted their success in business, allowing them to pursue their passion and serve the community.







“The Flores MBA program enhanced my leadership skills and poised me to be a better presenter in the professional workplace by connecting me with competitive speaking opportunities. The program equipped me with the confidence to network with C-suite leaders in our community and gave me the opportunity to direct teams firsthand on multinational projects through in-depth, real-world projects with classmates from around the U.S. and around the world.”

Sarah Gardner
Project Manager, Civic Leadership Initiatives
Baton Rouge Area Foundation







“The Flores MBA Program’s Executive Track was rigorous and fast-paced, but I am so thankful for the experience. The coursework, supportive network of classmates and completely relevant content received through the EMBA track has increased my value as a nonprofit leader. My gained knowledge and enhanced leadership skills work together daily to promote the elimination of poverty, crime and academic failure—threats to our community’s overall economic output.”

Gaylynne Mack
Executive Director Big Buddy

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