Living Legacies: Families are making retirement plans, together [Sponsored]

Sponsored by St. James Place

People now have the potential to live longer than any other time in history. In the past, it was common for several generations of a family to live together in one house. For some it was a financial decision, while for others it was to enjoy the pleasure of having a large family together under one roof. Today, many families are choosing to stay together, even in retirement.

As the only Life Plan Community right in the heart of Baton Rouge, St. James Place blends the serenity of nature with amenity-filled, state-of-the-art facilities.

For some residents, living at St. James Place was always a part of the retirement plan. Linda Roy is a second generation resident. She and her husband, Dr. Aaron Roy, always knew that St. James Place was where they’d spend their golden years. When Linda’s mother, Eldine Colligan, was looking for a more care-free lifestyle, Linda helped. After a lot of research, they felt St. James Place was the best fit to fill both her wants and needs.

When it was time for Linda and her husband to think about their own future, they knew—from their weekly dinner visits—that there was no need to look any further. The Roys moved to St. James Place in 2018, sharing life on our campus with Linda’s mother for several years.

Seated from left to right: Taris Savell, Pat Price, Barrie Griffin
Standing from left to right: Guy Riche, Mimi Riche, Harold Price, Barbara Hughes, Linda Roy, G. Lee Griffin
Not Pictured: John Tyler and Jim Leblanc

Another of St. James Place’s legacy residents is Taris Savell, who moved all the way from Pensacola, Florida to settle down at St. James Place in 2015. Known to some as the “Boondock’s Barbara Walters,” Taris followed in her aunt and uncle, Richard and Anna Lipsey’s footsteps, knowing that St. James Place would be able to meet her needs now and in the future.

She loves the peace of mind that living at St. James Place brings to her family. She also loves the SJP community activities. Upon moving to town, she dove right in and has served on various committees and joined several clubs, staying active and enjoying all that St. James Place has to offer.

The ability to see life from both sides has shown these second generation residents just how special this place can be, both as a resident and as a loved one. Read more about SJP’s legacy residents here.

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