Fully Promoted Baton Rouge: Tailoring promotional products to the client

Fully Promoted Baton Rouge works with businesses and organizations across Greater Baton Rouge to create targeted promotional products that increase their recognition and interaction with existing and potential customers. From T-shirts and hats to pizza cutters and toothpaste squeezers, Fully Promoted Baton Rouge has more than 1 million products available for an organization to customize with its logo or brand. 

As a locally owned business, Fully Promoted Baton Rouge provides personalized customer service with local expertise and quick response times. Such customer service sets the company apart from Internet-based promotional companies.


Top executive: Denzil Cole, Owner

Phone: [225] 831-9600

Website: https://fullypromoted.com/locations/baton-rouge-la

“We listen to our customers’ needs and talk with them about what they’re trying to accomplish and who they’re giving the items to,” says owner Denzil Cole. “Then we’ll tailor their marketing and promotional product choices toward what’s best for their clientele.”

Promotional products are an inexpensive, yet effective way to promote a business. Indeed, 85 percent of people who receive a promotional product go on to do business with that organization. And consumers have a more positive impression of promotional products than Internet advertising. As such, Fully Promoted works with customers to find the right promotional products for their needs.

“You don’t want to give something that people throw in the trash or in a drawer at home,” Cole says. “You want something that they’re going to see on a daily basis or fairly regularly, and that they’re going to use.”

Popular items include magnetic can holders, insulated cups and tumblers, water bottles, pens, stickers, foam fingers, hats and T-shirts. As Cole notes, “I can put a brand on just about anything.” As a franchised business, Fully Promoted Baton Rouge has a support network and good relationships with vendors, many of whom offer pricing deals.

Cole started Fully Promoted Baton Rouge after a 30-year career as a petroleum engineer. The company has enabled him to connect with the diverse mix of businesses and organizations across the Capital region. “I’ve enjoyed getting to know a lot of different people in the community, from small-business owners to CEOs,” he says. 

Most Baton Rouge businesses and organizations can benefit from Fully Promoted Baton Rouge’s services.

“Everyone is a potential customer. When you walk around anywhere, you’ll see people with something branded, like shirts, hats or cups,” Cole says. “We ask our customers, ‘are you promoting your business enough? Are you fully promoted?’ We want to be their promotional partner and help them promote their business.”