Keeping culture alive: Baton Rouge’s focus on sustainable tourism

Sponsored by Visit Baton Rouge

The pandemic may have stopped visitors in their tracks, but that pause offered an opportunity to rebuild the industry in a more sustainable way.


Tourism produces significant impacts on the environmental, economic, and socio-cultural aspects of our city’s continued development. Unfortunately, the very things that attract visitors: the culture, the landscapes, the atmosphere, are often threatened by them.

Sustainable tourism is about re-focusing and adapting—something that South Louisianans are no stranger to—and our collective commitment to sustainability in the tourism industry is critical to the future of our city.


We often think about sustainability as being about the environment, but that’s only one aspect. Sustainable tourism creates a positive impact both environmentally and economically. Fostering sustainable tourism aids in job creation, cultural heritage preservation and interpretation, wildlife preservation, landscape restoration, and more. It also:

— Provides visitors with more authentic experiences like our State Capital, the African American Museum, Old Governor’s Mansion, Capitol Park Museum, Scotlandville Saturdays Open Market, and The Blues Festival.

— Prepares locations for future growth with events like the downtown Ebb & Flow Festival from The Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge—celebrating the capital region’s cultural, economic, and ecological connection to the Mississippi River—all things that ebb and flow.

— Champions local culture and community with annual attractions like Baton Rouge’s family-friendly Mardi Gras.


Baton Rouge is a city with over 300 years of history, much of which can be tasted in our delectable food, seen in our unique architecture, and learned through our arts and culture scene. And because of the year-round warm temperatures, visiting Baton Rouge is appealing just about any time of year.

Local businesses are now more aware of their environmental impact, adjusting policies for things like recycling and conserving water. Restaurants promote food and drinks that are locally sourced. As locals, we can contribute to sustainable tourism by exploring local restaurants and shops, and continuing to discover hidden gems throughout the the four cities within East Baton Rouge Parish that Visit Baton Rouge represents.

Our city offers sustainable tourism to both visitors and locals alike. Invested in our local community, Visit Baton Rouge works with local tourism industry partners to promote the sustainability of our city, both domestically and internationally, to attract business and leisure travelers with curated, authentic experiences.

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