Career Competitor: Showing professionals what they’re capable of achieving

Through private and group executive coaching, workshops, and keynote speaking, Career Competitor helps companies and individuals realize their potential and optimize their growth.


Top executive: Steve Mellor, Founder

Phone: 225.573.2262


With one-on-one executive coaching, Career Competitor, founded by Steve Mellor, guides clients through a process to bridge the gap between simply having ambition and bringing that ambition to fruition.

“It’s one thing to be ambitious, but what do you intend to do about it?” Mellor says. “If there’s no follow-through, it’s likely those intentions currently aren’t strong enough. We can develop that intentionality and take that vision and turn it into reality.”

Career Competitor works through a discovery process to establish where the client is in their career and where they want to get to. “We often assume we’re further along in our careers than we are. We also limit our capability significantly more than we realize,” Mellor says. “So the gap is greater, but it’s greater in a really exciting way.”

Mellor says successful clients have a heightened curiosity. Coaching facilitates the process of turning that curiosity into intention. Further, coaching provides a process to identify gaps, and enables clients to develop the solutions and accountability needed to close those gaps to ensure they don’t return.

Career Competitor also offers workshops on leadership and culture development to help deliver a team’s optimal performance by bringing out people’s potential. Concepts addressed in the workshops can be tied to one-on-one coaching. As such, clients take the principles developed through the workshops and learn to apply them to specific situations with individual coaching.

The coaching, workshops and speaking engagements provided by Career Competitor draw from Mellor’s extensive and highly diverse coaching experience. This includes previously serving as LSU’s associate head swimming coach and working with Olympic and other elite athletes to help them realize potential they thought they had exhausted. Mellor recounts his approach to realizing optimal performance across all industries in his recent book Shock the World: A Competitors Guide to Realizing Your Potential. 

Career Competitor’s diverse clients come from entrepreneurs and the financial, insurance, sales and government industries. Aside from established executives, the company works with young leaders, helping them adopt an executive mindset, despite not yet having the title. 

Mellor stresses that, for Career Competitor, the emphasis is on coaching. “At the heart of coaching is someone who puts your best interests first and gives you the opportunity to realize what you’re capable of,” he says. “I come in with a belief that things have gone well up to this point, but there’s still potential for growth. With a coach, there’s no judgment, just pure optimism toward what we’re capable of achieving.”