Career Competitor: Coaching clients to optimize performance

Career Competitor, a full-service coaching company founded by Steve Mellor, helps guide and support individuals and organizations through the critical, yet challenging process of optimizing performance and realizing higher levels of potential.

Through a combination of life and career coaching, Career Competitor works with individuals who feel they have more to offer and attain in their career, yet have not figured out how to realize opportunities for continued growth.

Career Competitor also provides culture consulting for organizations or teams, helping to optimize long-term performance through cultural growth and change. This involves bridging a gap between leaders’ expectations of the organization’s performance, and the intentions and purpose of the employees responsible for delivering results.


Top executive: Steve Mellor, Founder

Phone: [225] 573-2262

“With both individuals and organizations, there can be a disconnect between where their skills and potential can be best utilized versus how they currently are utilizing their skill set and investing in their career,” says Mellor. “You can be in a great place, but you may not be working with the greatest purpose possible or using the skills you already have to the best of your ability.”

Mellor brings more than 15 years of coaching experience to Career Competitor, including serving as LSU’s associate head swimming coach. Mellor led athletes to Olympic gold, All-American honors and SEC medals by helping them realize they had more to give when they thought they had exhausted their potential.

In 2018, Mellor started the Career Competitor podcast featuring his interviews with former athletes who have applied the skills and attributes that made them a sporting success to a different career. These conversations with a wide network of professionals emphasized Mellor’s skills in performance coaching and led him to establish his company providing a full range of coaching services.

“I talk with my clients about their soft skills and characteristics that have led to success in other parts of their life and how they can use those to find, rediscover or optimize their performance and success today,” he says.

Career Competitor is not about competing with others, but “making a career of that competitive discovery within us,” Mellor says.

“It’s about self-discovery. Is there a part of you that is hungry to learn more about yourself? If so, you’re competitively driven to evolve and develop,” he says. “Whether I’m working with someone one on one or working with an organization, my job as a performance coach is to identify where your greatest abilities lie and bring them to the surface so you can use them to optimize your potential growth.”