Apex Technologies: Checking all the boxes [sponsored]

(From left) Ned Fasullo, Josh Moreau, Jason Sullivan

Cyber criminals typically only want one thing from a business—to lock up their network and hold it for ransom. When that happens, payouts can reach up to $100,000. For that and a host of other reasons, technology service providers must remain vigilant and possess an innate ability to roll with the changes. APEX Technologies checks all the boxes, as the Baton Rouge-based company offers an innovative and simplistic approach for technology services to its clients.

Since 2021, APEX has increased its focus on Microsoft cloud services, cybersecurity and disaster recovery, leaning on the experience of its president, Ned Fasullo, who has been in the business for some 28 years and built one of the first MSP firms in Louisiana. 

The company’s cybersecurity services include 24/7 managed detection and response, backed up by AI-supported monitoring and remediation.

“We use the No. 1 cybersecurity product on the planet—SentinelOne—for managed detection and response and a product called IronScales for email intrusion/anti-phishing services,” Fasullo says. “When we go to bed at night, we know that our clients are protected and if anything were to happen, our human plus AI-backed service will quarantine, remediate and destroy any potential threats on a client network. These cloud-based services collect data in real time, which enables the AI to learn and become stronger and faster in defending against potential intrusions.”

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