Capital Region Builders Association rebrands

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In an effort to better represent its members and gain national leverage, the Capital Region Builders Association is rebranding as the Home Builders Association of Greater Baton Rouge, or HBA of GBR.

“We wanted to put the warmth back into our name. The homebuilders are people, and we wanted to bring them to the forefront,” says association President and CEO Karen Zito. “You can connect to that at such a different level than a generic acronym or a name that doesn’t have any meaning.”

The new brand—in the works since last summer—also better aligns the Capital Region with many of its national and statewide peers, Zito says. HBA of GBR is now on par with five of its nine peer Louisiana Home Builder Association affiliates—the Home Builders Associations of Greater New Orleans, as well as Northwest, Central, Southeastern and Southwestern Louisiana.

With the name change also comes a launch of a new logo. After soliciting feedback from members, the organization hired Feigley Communications to come up with a revamped design. The new logo is a blue and gray image with a house in the front, representing the homes its members build, and a high-rise in the background, representing the organization’s 1,000 associates.

“Our builders represent strength and someone you can trust, so we wanted it to be a little more modern than our old logo,” says HBA of GBR Creative Lead Gabby Murphy, referencing the previous logo of a greenhouse with a green hammer. “It’s more approachable for younger members because we’re rebranding ourselves as the hub for the industry.”

See the new logo.

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