What would a St. George school district look like?

Imagine it’s the first day of school in the new, independent school district of St. George.

If you’re a parent living in the district, you probably have a few questions: What will this new school system look like? If your children have been attending a magnet school or gifted program in Baton Rouge, where will they go now?

The answers to those questions—and many others—are obviously unclear at clear at the moment. As Business Report details in a new feature, any new school district is years away from happening and—as St. George organizers routinely point out—there’s time to hash out the details.

The ongoing effort to incorporate the city of St. George, an increasingly realistic possibility, was born out of the desire to create a new school district in the southeast portion of East Baton Rouge Parish. Although it has undoubtedly grown into something bigger since, organizers maintain the No. 1 goal always was and still is, an independent school system.

Leaders of the St. George movement acknowledge specific plans don’t yet exist, a point routinely hammered home by detractors of incorporation. Supporters seem untroubled by it all, saying time is on their side.

Read the full story about the debate surrounding St. George schools and check out the new Business Report cover package on how the St. George incorporation movement might play out.

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