Two Louisiana GOP lawmakers call for eliminating state income tax 

Republican legislators on Tuesday called for Louisiana to eliminate state income taxes while acknowledging that the chances of doing so any time soon are slim at best.

“We’re going to swing for the fences,” says state Rep. Thomas Pressly, a Shreveport Republican.

According to The Center Square, Rep. Richard Nelson, R-Mandeville, says repealing personal and corporate income taxes would solve two problems at once by making the state more attractive to businesses and residents while dismantling a system in which most of the tax dollars flow through the state Capitol.

“We put everything in Baton Rouge, and we all go to Baton Rouge to go fight to get all our money back,” Nelson says. “It’s just not a really great system.”

Nelson and Pressly participated in an online questions-and-answers session hosted by the Pelican Institute for Public Policy, which advocates for lower taxes and reduced government spending.

He said a better system would let parishes and municipalities fund their own needs through property taxes, which is similar to the Texas model. Read the full story.