LaPolitics: Pharmacies create marijuana association

The nine marijuana facilities licensed to do business in Louisiana have launched a Baton Rouge-based trade association to “advocate and support” the state’s medical marijuana and plant-based industry. “We needed to speak with one voice and work to educate doctors, patients, lawmakers, and regulators about this industry”, said Doug Boudreaux, president of the newly-created Louisiana Association of Therapeutic Alternatives. “We have seen the need to educate all the players in this new world of alternative treatments. Doctors and patients need to be educated on the process and how this new delivery system will work.” Part of LATA’s plan is to conduct outreach programs geared toward physicians, patients, growers and pharmacies. “This is a new industry in Louisiana with a lot of regulation and moving parts, we still have some kinks to work out as with any new industry that is arriving in the state,” said LATA Executive Director Jesse McCormick. “LSU and Southern University are the only two licensed growers in the state and it makes sense to have a constant dialog with the growers on product amounts and different strains of product. It also is in our best interest to share results and data between doctors and pharmacist to help with dosing and delivery methods to the patients and this new association will accomplish that.”
—The Cook Political Report is out with its first ratings for the 2019 cycle. As of now, its experts rate the Bayou State’s governor’s race as “leans Democratic.”
—Though the regular session doesn’t start until April 8, four lawmakers (Sens. Barrow Peacock, R-Shreveport, and Beth Mizell, R-Bogalusa, as well as Reps. Stephen Dwight, R-Lake Charles, and Sam Jenkins, D-Shreveport) have already filed bills.
They said it: “It won’t be the American people paying for the wall, it’ll be the Mexican cartels, and that is poetic justice,”—U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy, on his border barrier funding legislation, in The Monroe News Star.

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