‘LaPolitics’: Last-minute surprises ahead of Election Day


The most notable political surprise during these final days leading up to tomorrow’s big vote comes courtesy of the Louisiana Committee for a Conservative Majority. 

As you can guess from the name of the organization, the outfit spends money in campaigns to elect conservative legislators. So why did LCCM suddenly enter the fray in New Orleans’ House District 102, which is a Democratic seat with only Democratic candidates? 

The short answer is the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, a bill involving transgender athletes that the Legislature passed earlier this year and Gov. John Bel Edwards subsequently vetoed. Realtor Delisha Boyd has held an edge in this New Orleans race with a strong fundraising game and endorsements from key power brokers. But now LCCM is campaigning on behalf of artist and activist Jordan Bridges, using both digital and direct mail. 

A spokesperson for LCCM says, “LCCM is supporting Jordan Bridges and appreciates his support of the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act and overriding a potential gubernatorial veto on that issue.” 

In an interview with Bridges this week, the candidate said he was keeping an open mind on the issue and is still studying the topic. Either way, that’s a strong indication that conservative forces expect the issue to come back up in next year’s regular session—and that another veto could follow. LCCM has also been active in Lake Charles’ Senate District 27, on behalf of Republican businessman Jeremy Stine. That has put the organization at odds with Democrat Dustin Granger, who has been campaigning and raising money in the district this week with Gov. Edwards. As for the other special legislative election on tomorrow’s ballot, in Monroe’s House District 16, LCCM is leaving that one alone. 

They said it: “Go vote. If dead people can do it, so can you.” —U.S. Sen. John Kennedy, during a speech at the annual conference of the Public Affairs Research Council.