Landry steers more money to crime-fighting 

Gov. Jeff Landry inherited a mixed financial picture when he stepped into the job last month—and he had limited time to put together his budget proposal for the upcoming year—but his budget recommendations double down on his tough-on-crime campaign promises, writes the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana in a new commentary. 

Landry’s first set of budget recommendations prioritizes increased spending on Louisiana’s prison system and an expansion of the State Police force while keeping spending largely flat on most other programs and services. 

No new education or economic development investments were among the governor’s suggestions in the $44.2 billion state operating budget presented to lawmakers last week, and a recent pay supplement given to public school teachers and support workers this year could be heavily reworked so some employees may see less money in their paychecks. 

However, the Landry administration did make some attempts to start tackling the fiscal cliff that looms in mid-2025 when a temporary state sales tax is slated to expire. 

Read PAR’s full commentary about the budget, which takes a closer look at how Landry is approaching Louisiana’s finances.