How AGs like Jeff Landry serve as a new check on presidential power 

State attorneys general have filed more than a dozen joint lawsuits against President Joe Biden’s administration this year, marking a shift in how U.S. presidential decisions are challenged that will probably stick around, according to Governing.

Republican AGs including Louisiana’s Jeff Landry have banded together to file suit against Biden’s LGBTQ policies, his moratorium on oil and natural gas leases, and the provision in the American Rescue Plan that blocks states from using the federal aid for tax cuts. All told, Republican AGs have sued the administration 14 times.  

“We’re in a new normal of AG activism,” says Paul Nolette, a political scientist at Marquette University who tracks state lawsuits against the feds. “We can now expect AGs to litigate even in the first few months of an administration.” 

Nolette predicts that the number of lawsuits will only increase. It was considered shocking when Republican AGs sued President Barack Obama a dozen times in each of his last two years in office. But their Democratic counterparts tripled that number in the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency alone. Read the full story.