Green Light Plan has 11 roads to finish

While the vast majority—73%—of the road projects in the Green Light Plan have been completed since 2005, there are 11 roads on the list, with some including multiple project phases, that are still unfinished.

All told, those 11 roads and their various phases of work add up to 16 unfinished projects under the Green Light Plan, according to program manager CSRS. Program work has slowed in recent years as bond money dried up, meaning program funding is now limited to annual tax appropriations, or what’s known as the pay-as-you-go model.

Nearly all of the remaining projects have been moved into the new MovEBR roads tax plan, which voters passed Dec. 8. Those include the Picardy-Perkins connector and Pecue Lane interchange, as well as improvements to McHugh Road, Hooper Road, Old Hammond Highway and Nicholson Drive.

The goal is to put the Green Light projects on the MovEBR priority list and finish them as soon as possible, says Transportation and Drainage Director Fred Raiford. All of the remaining projects have been started to some degree, either with completed design study, some level of engineered plans or an environmental assessment, he adds.

Before MovEBR was approved, the Green Light Plan was the last major roads tax package to be passed by East Baton Rouge Parish voters back in 2005. The tax plan extended a half-cent sales tax, originally dedicated to potholes, for 25 years. Green Light funding, which will still be collected until 2030, will be funneled into the MovEBR plan. 

In the 13 years since its passage, the Green Light Plan has completed 43 projects, which included the widening or improving of several major roads such as Burbank Drive, Bluebonnet Boulevard, Siegen Lane and Essen Lane, as well as extending Staring Lane and finishing Central Thruway.

Some of the remaining Green Light projects, such as the Glen Oaks Drive, have already begun construction so they will not need to be transferred to MovEBR.

See a complete list of the remaining Green Light projects and phases.

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