State Sen. Bodi White proposes splitting BREC parks

Sen. Bodi White, R-Baton Rouge, has filed a bill ahead of the April 12 legislative session proposing that BREC’s 182 parks be split into a few independent districts.  

The park system would be separated with BREC managing all parks within the parish, except for those in Zachary, Central and the proposed city of St. George under SB205. 

“I first filed this bill almost 13 years ago. After being promised by then BREC Board President Collis Temple and the superintendent that changes would be made, I agreed to not run it,” White says in a statement to WBRZ-TV. “Thirteen years later the changes have not been made, the parks have not improved. It’s only gotten worse. It’s time for a change and everyone knows it. Each city in this parish can manage their parks more effectively and efficiently than having one huge system trying to do it all. It’s just common sense.”  

Mayor Sharon Weston Broome says she is not in favor of the proposed split, and BREC Superintendent Corey Wilson says he is “a little disappointed,” because BREC works to serve the entire parish. Read the full story from WBRZ-TV. See the legislation here.