Alford: Welcome to the Year of the Pig

It’s time to embrace the reality of 2019, writes Jeremy Alford in his new column, who wonders if a year slated for change will actually bring about much change when the topic is the running of Louisiana’s state government.

“That’s right, folks, we are collectively standing at the head of another statewide election term,” he says. “ A new governor and Legislature may be seated one year from now. Or, playing to the fears of many, maybe it’ll be roughly the same version of state government being sworn in when January 2020 comes to collect.”  

If you’re one to dip into the mystic, Alford writes, then you may already know the tendrils of Chinese astrology have crafted quite a promise for our next round of 12 months. That’s because the calendar year of 2019 is the Year of the Pig, which is supposedly prime time for investors and entrepreneurs.

The Year of the Pig is likewise expected to bring raindrops of joy, friendship and love — even in Capitol-land, supposedly, Alford writes.

“If the Legislature needed anything this term, it was goodwill, trust and love,” he says.
Based on at-a-glance research, Alford says, the Pig of Chinese astrology is best known for attracting success like a magnet. This will be a year of hot politics, and the action has already started.

Read the full column, where Alford describes all of the ways in which campaigns are heating up and the Capitol is already churning.

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