Alford: The partying is over

Washington Mardi Gras is a yearly tradition that stretches back more than six decades.

It’s essentially a series of parties and mini-conferences, both formal and informal, hosted by Louisiana’s congressional delegation; public entities like municipalities and universities; private companies; and a nonprofit organization called the Mystick Krewe of Louisianians.
The influx from the Cajun Coast is so powerful that the Washington D.C. Hilton, the host site, changes the name of its main bar—once a year—to The 65th Parish.  

In his new column, Jeremy Alford brings everyone back home up to speed on what went down during the almost-week of festivities, from the meet-and-greets to the ball.  

While seeing the same old faces is usually unavoidable at this bash, there were a handful of new faces around this year, like LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication as well as out-of-state executives and donors, which could mean some changes for Louisiana. Read the full column.

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