Why employee training is vital

    Think of everyone who’s currently on your company’s payroll and consider this: At least one in every three of them doesn’t believe your company has taken the time to accurately assess their performance and identify training that could make them better at their jobs.

    That’s according to the “Future of Work and Employee Learning” report from global business processes outsourcing firm Sitel Group, which surveyed 1,200 U.S. employees in March to get a handle on how important training is to a company’s prospective and current employees.

    While the survey shows some variation in how employees view training in terms of gender and generation, the overwhelming majority of respondents expressed a strong desire to work for a company that offers a comprehensive training program for new employees and continued training for existing employees.

    The bottom line: If your company isn’t investing in its employees, it’s probably not attracting the best candidates when openings arise, and the current team members aren’t as motivated and productive as they’d like to be.

    Business Report has some key findings from the report here.

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