When working less is not an option

    Overworking may not be ideal, but for many workers putting in extra hours becomes a necessity to achieve their goals.

    At times like this, when having an entire weekend off seems like a distant dream, advice on the importance of maintaining work-life balance, reducing the stress, and getting enough sleep can feel like a slap in the face. Instead, the best advice is what will help you survive a stressful, busy period at the office.

    So, courtesy of Harvard Business Review, here’s a list of strategies to help you survive your version of an accountant’s tax season:

    • Use Premack’s principle: In this case, use an easier behavior as a reward for a harder behavior. For example, reward yourself for finishing a difficult task by completing an easy but necessary item. Think of it like recovering from bursts of running by walking instead of stopping altogether.
    • Compartmentalize: Tasks you actually enjoy can become tense and unpleasant if you’re mentally elsewhere or feeling anxious while you do them. Stay in the moment by considering what you enjoy about the task.  
    • Save small scraps of time for mental rest: When slammed, it can seem essential to work during every free moment. However, using brief waiting times as mental breaks will help you stay more productive overall. Read the full story.

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